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Light Bracket
Magnetic Board Holder
Lace Pillow Board

Side Adjusting Frame Clip

Daisy Dish
Workstand Features

KGL 1986


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Silver Grey SG1

Stainless Steel SS1


The Silver Grey Workstand is made from steel, powder coated Silver Grey.

The Stainless Steel Workstand is made from stainless steel, polished to a reflective finish.


  • The 'L' adjusting bars are available in different lengths to suit your requirements
  • With half a turn of a lever screw, your Workstand will swing away when you take a break
  • The clamphead can turn 360˚ allowing easy access to the back of your work
  • Easy turn stainless steel lever screws makes the workstand fully adjustable
  • Comes with a hard grade aluminium base to rest under your chair, sofa or bed
  • Adjustment: up and down 910-500mm (36"-20") in and out 150-230mm (6"-9").

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Light Bracket SG8 & SS8
Holds a light, as or similar to 'E2' and other accessories. Positions the light just where you need it. Very strong and stable.

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Magnetic Board Holder SG9 & SS9
360˚ adjustable magnetic board holder. Locks in any position. Takes up to 200mm (8")x25cm(10") board. Designed for use on the horizontal or vertical section of the 'L' bar.

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Lace Pillow Board SGSS2
Holds a lace pillow or a book for reading, writhing or painting. 400mm (16") diameter (approximately)

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Side Frame Adjusting Clip SGSS5
Enables side-adjusting frames to be held in the side clamp. Clip opening 32mm (1 1/4").

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Daisy Dishs
Centre Mounting SG16 & SS16 Green Baize Inserts SGSS18
Fits on the vertical of 'L' bar. Holds small items you need for your work. moves up, down and turns 360˚   Adhesive backed. Come in sets of six. Particularly favoured for beadwork.

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Light E2
Illuminated magnifier
5" lens with the lower half unshrouded for a clear view.                               
Takes an 11 watt 'Daylight' energy saving bulb.


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