Workstand Features    
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Swings away...  
  Mouse over chair to see how Workstand swings away when you take a break
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Side Clamp easily adjustable to any angle and swivels to view the back

'L' adjusting bar allows the height to be adjusted and the frame to move in and out

Lever Screw easy-turn allowing quick and easy alteration to your Workstand

Height adjusting pin the Workstand can be adjusted between 50-91cm or 20"-36" up and down

Base Plate fits under chair, furniture or bed for added stability

Above: Stainless Steel Workstand



Using lever screws and height adjusting pin, you can position your work just where you want it and work in comfort. In adition to this, we can make the 'L' adjusting bar to to specific sizes where required to suit the ergonomics of your seating or bed arrangement. Please ask for price details.